Why should you choose Destination Ballooning?

We are the only Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Company who focuses exclusively on small groups


While other companies pack as many people as they can into their baskets, here at Destination Balloon Rides we focus on making your Balloon flight as enjoyable as possible. This means small groups and personalized attention on you.

for up to 5 people

Hot Air Balloon Flights for Small Groups

Here at Destination Balloon Rides we specialize in Small Groups. We limit the number of people in a balloon to 5, so we often sell out. If you don't want a private tour, but don't want to be part of a large group, this is the option for you .

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looking for an exclusive experience?

Private Hot Air Balloon Flights

Our Private Hot Air Balloon flights are the best way to view the beauty of the desert around Phoenix. Whether you want to fly alone (with a pilot of course) or with that special someone, a Private Flight ensures you have the Flight to yourself.

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Since we focus on small and private groups, we often sell out. Don't wait until the last minute to book your Hot Air Balloon Trip.