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Your Experience

We make your entire experience as relaxing and easy as possible. While flying with Destination Balloon Rides you can expect the following.

Book Your Flight and Receive Confirmation

  • You can book your flight by clicking the button for the experience you want (Small Group or Private Flight)
  • After booking your flight you’ll receive a confirmation email/receipt
  • We are available by phone or email to answer any questions
  • Need to reschedule? Let us know!
checking mobile email
prepping a hot air balloon

Arrive for Your Flight

On the morning of your flight, we will meet at the location listed in your confirmation email and load up into the chase vehicle with the balloon in tow. After deciding where to launch, based on the wind forecast and release of a Pibal (a helium-filled balloon to test the upper winds) you will head to that location. After the crew has unloaded the balloon basket, envelope and other necessary equipment, the inflation process will begin!

Ready the Balloon

Volunteers are appreciated to help hold the “throat” of the balloon open to fill with air blown into the envelope by the inflation fans. Please walk around and take lots of photos, touch the balloons and just enjoy the peace of the desert. When the envelope is filled with air, Shawn will light the burners that push hot air into the envelope causing it to rise and stand up. You will then be called to get into the basket using the step holes in the basket sides. This will all make sense when you actually see the basket! After pictures are taken of you and your party, you will be set free to ascend, floating off into the sky!

prepping hot air balloon
hot air balloon flying near red rocks at sunrise

The Flight

During the flight, you will see things from a whole new perspective, from a totally different view. You will enjoy the feeling of total peace, even if you think you are afraid of heights! There is really no way to describe this feeling other than to experience for yourself! No two inflations or flights are ever the same; you never know what wildlife you may see or how the clouds will be formed. It is something that truly never gets old!

Back to Earth

You will be in flight for 45 minutes to one hour and then land in the best possible spot to have a celebratory champagne or mimosa toast! Your ground crew has been working hard to pack everything back up while keeping an eye on you so they can be there when you land to bring you back to your vehicles. You will take with you memories and pictures of one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!

hot air balloon landing